Introducing PixStor 5

Guaranteed Performance, Scalability & Choice

PixitMedia solution is high performance, highly scalable, enterprise-class software-defined storage platform that empowers creative studios to search, manage, securely isolate and protect their data, collaborate and share across distance, and run in the cloud. The foundation of PixStor leverages industry-standard compute, flash and disk platforms and high performance Ethernet to deliver a unified system that guarantees performance with limitless scale at lower cost than traditional legacy solutions. Data moves seamlessly through many tiers of storage – from fast flash and disk tiers to cost-effective, high capacity object storage, all the way out to the cloud – backed by a policy and event engine that puts all data at artists’ fingertips. This allows media organizations to accelerate high resolution workflows and store valuable assets safely and economically.

Guaranteed 99% Consistent Performance For Any Workflow

Other storage platforms claim to deliver performance. We guarantee it for any workflow over the lifetime of the system.

Data-Driven Efficiencies & Business Advantage

Leverage the Policy and Event Engine to meet your exact business needs, with data-driven automated tools to optimise your media process workflow.

Transparent Data Tiering to NAS, Object, Tape, and the Cloud

Reserves high speed storage for work in progress, moves everything else to low cost archive, while maintaining a single view of all data. 

A Seamless Management Experience For All

From remote VFX artist to SysAdmin, choose the best management view for you with a seamless experience of the entire data ecosystem.

How can we help?

Please contact Alliance Integrated Technology for a demo and design consultation. | 877-629-3020.