Running a successful business operation is all about knowing the marketplace, and having the facts and data to support your decisions. There is no better way to start gathering market intelligence than by analyzing social and traditional media data. The continuous evolution and increased importance of technology to our society has made it one of the most important sectors of the economy. Technology plays an integral role in industry, communications, finance and many other commercial and trade sectors, and has become indispensable in day-to-day company operations.

The technology industry is one of the Nation’s most sensitive from a security standpoint, and the creative processes which give rise to new technology products and services are themselves at risk. Technology-based assets, including research data, intellectual property, marketing, manufacturing, and a broad range of potential technology vulnerabilities, accompanies distribution. Alliance Integrated Technology can help create and incorporate solutions to enhance, augment and streamline your corporation’s daily tasks and needs and can navigate the ever-changing field of technology.

Media & Entertainment

Alliance Integrated Technology provides a full range of infrastructure technologies, software solutions and enterprise services to support your creative vision. The high level of visibility and industry innovations inherent in the Media and Entertainment industry creates environments with unique technology needs. Exposed assets and constant technology upgrades based on industry and consumer demands lead to a range of technology vulnerabilities. Technology upgrade planning and protection are required to effectively manage risks specific to the Media and Entertainment environment. With clients including more than a dozen prominent film and television studios and key notables within the industry, Alliance Integrated Technology has unparalleled experience in providing customized technology solutions for entertainment clients.


With a proven track record of delivering mission-critical solutions, Alliance Integrated Technology is a leading provider of highly customized technology services to a wide array of Government agencies. We understand the unique security profiles of highly visible organizations and the requirements for levels of cooperation and coordination.

Alliance Integrated Technology Government Services has three decades of experience helping government organizations tailor custom solutions with cutting edge technology to meet the challenges of an increasingly globalized world and market. We work with government agencies and affiliated government vendors and organizations to bring new thinking and a focus on technology solutions that deliver immediate and enduring value. We combine the power of technology and effective program management to create comprehensive results.


Higher Education

Every day, colleges and universities are tasked with the challenge of organization and analyses of data, effective network and resource management, and making information and resources accessible on various level to students, faculty and administration. Limited resources and budgets often accompany these challenges.

Alliance Integrated Technology’s expert team can tailor custom solutions to effectively streamline and simplify processes such as data management and utilization, network efficiency and capabilities and a variety of other solutions tailored to education and specific department needs. This results in better access to information for learning and administrative purposes. This in turn assists Institutions in creating cutting-edge curriculums that help attract and nurture the brilliant minds of the future.

Public Institutions

With new ideas and advancing technology at the ready, we’re changing how our nation works, connects and responds. And the tie that binds every one of those solutions is the commitment behind them—an unyielding commitment to success.

We believe that the only way to increase adoption and deliver results is to focus on users and their needs. Alliance Integrated Technology services for Public Institution spans every phase of the project lifecycle—from concept development to technical design, implementation, optimization and support. We use requirement-driven methodologies to build the right solution for every client through a close collaboration between business owners, end users, stakeholders and the technical team.


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