Long distance SFP solutions for Brocade SAN/IP portfolio

Only transceiver vendor worldwide approved in Brocade switches (FOS & DCR)

Remove need for active transmission systems from ADVA, Ciena, MRV, Nortel, etc
16 CWDM Channels (up to 100km)
64 DWDM Channels (up to 80km)

Only vendor with SFP+ CWDM solutions

8G FC and 10G Ethernet
16 channels at 40km;
8 channels at 70km
Nothing from Cisco

EmbeddedWDM massively reduces solution cost

<20% of equivalent active DWDM solution cost with same capacity
Enables SAN projects to go ahead on time and in budget
SmartOptics have made 300+ Brocade WDM installations in last 2 years.


”Distance Extensions” between DCs


DCs typically connected via Carrier Managed Service, FCoIP or C/DWDM system
C/DWDM systems account for approx 30% of DC connectivity
“Active” platforms from Adva, Ciena, Nortel, Cisco, etc were previously dominant.
Complicated and expensive; DWDM is significant part of sale (50%+)
Customer doesn’t have budget or trained engineers to support this, project stalls

Embedded WDM

Alternative to active DWDM systems: Same functionality, fraction of the cost
Simple design, easy installation
Handles all 1/10GEthernet and 2/4/8/16G FC protocols on same system
Low % cost of overall solution; Green light to overall project
No Special configurations, maintenance, FW upgrades or hidden opex.
No Power Reqts.  = High Reliability, Green Data Centre.


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